SPQR, due February 11, 2012

by carole

I’ve been studying Latin on-line for about 1 1/2 years, and I hope that posting my exercises will foster a little diligence!

Chapter 21, Wheelock’s Latin, 6th ed.

TR 1 Venit iam magna aetas nova: de caelo mittitur puer, qui vitam deorum
habebit deosque videbit et ipse videbitur ab illis.
TR 1 cam Now a great new age is coming; a boy is sent from heaven, who will have the life of the gods and who will see the gods and who himself will be seen by them.

TR 2 Hic puer reget mundum cui virtutes patris pacem dederunt.TR 2 cam This boy will rule the world to which the virtues of his father have given peace.
TR 2 cam This boy will rule the world to which the virtues of his father have given peace.

TR 3 .. Pauca mala, autem, remanebunt, quae homines iubebunt laborare atque bellum asperum gerere.
TR 3 cam Few evils, however, will remain, which will command men to work and even wage harsh war.

TR 4 .. Erunt etiam altera bella atque iterum ad Troiam magnus mittetur Achilles.
TR 4 cam There will be other wars, and even the great Achilles will be sent to Troy again.

TR 5 .. Tum, puer, ubi iam longa aetas te virum fecerit, erunt nulli labores, nulla bella; nautae ex navibus discedent, agricolae quoque iam agros relinquent, terra ipsa omnibus hominibus omnia parabit. 
TR 5 cam Then the boy, where now a long life will have made a man of you, there will be no labors, no wars; sailors will disembark from their ships, and even farmers will leave their fields; the earth itself will provide all things for all men.

TR 6 .. Currite, aetates; incipe, parve puer, scire matrem, et erit satis spiritus mihi tua dicere facta.
TR 6 cam Fly by, ages; begin, small boy, to know your mother, and there will be enough breath for me to tell your deeds.

Chapter 21, Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes, ed. Richard LaFleur

IN 1 ..  Hic fuimus cari duo nos sine fine sodales; nomina si [quaeris, Caius et Aulus erant.
IN 1 cam In this place, we two were dear comrades to the end; our names, if you will ask, were Caius and Cuilus.

IN 2 .. Labora, aselle, quomodo ego laboravi, et proderit tibi.
IN 2 cam Toil, little ass, in the way in which I worked, and it will prove a benefit for you.

IN 3 .. D(is) m(anibus). T(itus) Flavius Martialis hic situs est. ‘quod edi, bibi, mecum habeo; quod reliqui, perdidi.’ V(ixit) a(nnos) LXXX. in f(ronte) p(edes) V; in a(gro) p(edes […].
IN 3 cam Into the hands of the gods, Titus Flavius Martialis, is placed here, “What I ate, I drank, I have with me; what I left behind, I ruined.:  He lived 80 years.  In front 5 feet; (x) feet in the field.

IN 4 .. Hospens, quod deico paullum est: asta ac pellege.  Heic est sepulcrum hau pulcrum pulcrai feminae; nomen parentes nominarunt ‘Claudiam’.  Suom mareitum corde deilexit souo. Gnatos duos creavit; horunc alterum in terra linquit, alium sub terra locat.  Sermone lepido, tum autem incessu commodo.  Domum servavit; lanam fecit.
Dixi — abei.
IN 4 cam Guest, what  I say is a small thing, stand and read it over. Here is the tomb, by no means beautiful, of a beautiful woman; her parents provided her with the name “Claudia.” She loved her husband with her heart.  She bore two sons; she left one of them on earth; she placed the other under the earth;  she was a women of agreeable speech and a pleasant bearing.  She kept house; she wove cloth.  I have spoken — you may leave.

Proverbia et dicta

PD 1 .. Iterum tranquillitatem video.
PD 1 cam I see calmness once again.

PD 2 ..In eadem es navi.
PD 2 cam You are in the same boat.

PD 3 .. Alta cadunt odiis, parva extolluntur amore.
PD 3 cam Lofty things descend with hatreds; small things are raised by love.

PD 4 ..  Paritur pax bello.
PD 4 cam Peace gives birth to war.

PD 5 ..  Homicidium cum admittunt singuli, crimen est; virtus vocantur cum
publice geritur.
PD 5 cam A single murder, when committed, is a crime; when it is committed in the name of the state, it is called a virtue.

PD 6 ..  Nec scire fas est omnia.
PD 6 cam It is proper not to know all things.

PD 7 ..  Nihil recte sine exemplo docetur aut discitur.
PD 7 cam Rightfully, nothing is taught or learned without example.

PD 8 ..  Nunc autem multa quidem membra, unum autem corpus: non  potest dicere oculus naui, ‘Opera tua non indigeo’, aut iterum caput pedibus. ‘Non estis mihi necessarii’.
PD 8 cam Now, however, many members indeed make one body; the eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need your efforts,” or likewise the head to the feet, “You are not necessary to me.”

PD 9 .. Quam miserum est, ubi consilium casu vincitur!
PD 9 cam What a miserable thing it is, when a plan is overcome by accident. (chance would be better, in retrospect)

PD 10 .. Tuti sunt omnes, unus ubi defenditur.
PD 10 cam All are safe where one is defended.

PD 11 ..  Sic est vulgus, ex veritate pauca, ex opinione multa aestimat.
PD 11 cam Such is the mob: from little truth, by many opinions, it judges.

PD 12 ..  Non est vir fortis ac strenuus qui laborem fugit.
PD 12 cam It is neither a strong nor vigorous man who escapes work.

PD 13 ..  Veritas enim laborare potest; vinci non potest.
PD 13 cam Truth indeed can work; it cannot be conquered.

PD 14 .. Maximo periculo custoditur quod multis placet.
PD 14 cam It is maintained by the greatest because it pleases the most people.


LI 1 ..  Non est, Tucca, satis, quod es gulosus:
et dici cupis et cupis videri.
LI 1 cam It isn’t enough, Tucca, the fact that you are a glutton, and you desire to be spoken about and to be seen.

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