SPQR, due Feb. 25, 2012

by carole

Will add sentences in Latin later today….

TR 1 cam I was sick, but you came immediately to me accompanied, Symmachus, by a hundred students. A hundred hands touched me chilled by the north wind; I did not have a fever, Symmachus, but I do now!
TR 2 cam Poetry can give great and perpetual fame to men through literature; many men, therefore, wish literature to be written about their deeds.
TR 3 cam We are all drawn by the pursuit of praise, and many are led by glory, which can be found in the literature of the Greeks and Latins.
TR 4 cam He who, however, sees great benefit of glory in Latin verses but not in Greek ones, errs too greatly, because Greek literature is read in almost all nations, but Latin is confined to its own borders.

IN 1 cam To the god Mars Medocious and to the Victoria of our Alexander Pius Felicis Augustus, Lossio Veda placed this gift himself, descendent of Vepogenus, a Caledonian.
IN 2 cam From […] a greeting to his Cerialis, I, brother, dedicated, as you wish, the day of Kalends with a sacrifice.
IN 3 cam Good life! I love you; you love me; keep faith.
IN 4 cam Into the hands of the gods, Lucius Annius Octavius Valerianus. I left, I escaped. Hope and Fortune, farewell. I have nothing to do with you; trifle with others.
IN 5 cam Into the hands of the gods: Iusta Umbricia, daughter of Aulus. She lived 15 years, 7 months, 10 days. Aulus Umbricius Magnus and Clodia Felicitas, her parents, to an incomparable daughter. Since the daughter ought to accomplish for her parents, death intervened: the parented created (this) for their daughter.

PD 1 cam What indeed is faith if not believing what you do not see?
PD 2 cam Money alone is the steerer of all things.
PD 3 cam A patient and strong man makes himself happy.
PD 4 cam Words prove deeds.
PD 5 cam One day opens up, another day concludes.
PD 6 cam The safety of all is in the sword.
PD 7 cam Your face counts your years.
PD 8 cam Now these 3 remain — faith, hope, and charity; the greatest of these is charity.
PD 9 cam Limit in all things.
PD 10 cam The Roman republic stands with ancient mores and men.
PD 11 cam Good laws, he said, are produced by bad customs.

LI 1 cam The wax candle will provide flames here for you; the oil lamp is raised by your boy.
LI 2 cam Pergamon sent these. Scrape yourself with a curved blade not so often that the launderer wears out your towel.
LI 3 cam Jupiter bore two satchels for us; he gave one full of our own faults on our back and suspended a heavy one of others’ before our chest.
LI 4 cam We cannot not see our faults in this matter; others fail at the same time; we are censors.

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