SPQR due March 17, 2012, Wheelock ch. 24, PR & SA

by carole

PR 01 .. Igne vIsO, omnEs virI et uxOrEs territae sunt et ultrA urbem ad lItus Insulae nAvigAvErunt, ubi perfugium inventum est.
PR 1 cam Having seen the fire, all the men and their frightened wives sailed beyond the city to the shore of an island, where refuge was found.
PR 02 .. PopulO metU oppressO, iste imperAtor nObIs ex urbe pellendus est.
PR 2  cam With the people having been overwhelmed by dread, that general was banished from the city by us.
PR 03 .. OrAtor, signO A sacerdOte datO, eO diE revEnit et nunc tOtus populus LatInus gaudet.
PR 3 cam The orator, with the sign given by the priest, returned on that day and now the entire Latin people rejoices.
PR 04 .. GEns ROmAna versUs illIus scrIptOris magnA laude quondam recEpit.
PR 4 cam The Roman people received versus of this writer once with great praise.
PR 05 .. LaudEs atque dOna huius modI ab OrAtOribus dEsIderAbantur.
PR 5 cam Praises and gifts of this type were desired by the orators.
PR 06 .. ImperiO acceptO, dux magnanimus fidem suam reI pUblicae ostendit.
PR 6  cam Having accepted the rule, the courageous ruler offered his hand to the republic.
PR 07 .. Aliquis eOs quInque equOs ex igne EripI posteA iusserat.
PR 7 cam Someone had ordered those five horses to be rescued afterwards from the fire.
PR 08 .. Cernisne omnia quae tibi scienda sunt?
PR 8 cam Do you not perceive everything which must be known to you?
PR 09 .. Ille, ab arce urbis reveniEns, ab istIs hominibus premI coepit.
PR 9 cam That man, returning from the citadel of the city, began to be pressed by the men.
PR 10 .. CupiO tangere manum  illIus mIlitis quI metU caruit atque gravia scelera contrA rem pUblicam oppressit.
PR 10 cam I desire to touch the hand of that soldier who was without dread and suppressed the serious crimes against the republic.
PR 11 .. Iste dux prOtinus expulsus est, ut imperium excipiEbat.
PR 11 cam That leader was immediately banished, just as he captured supreme power.
PR 12 .. Illae servae, autem, perfugium sOlAciumque ab amIcIs quaerEbant.
PR 12 cam Those slaves, however, were seeking shelter and relief from their friends.
PR 13 .. CornU audItO, ille mIles, incertus cOnsiliI, cOpiAs ad mediam Insulam vertit.
PR 13 cam The horn, having been heard, that soldier, uncertain of the plan, turned his forces to the center of the island.
PR 14 .. When the common danger had been averted, two of our sons and all our daughters came back from Asia.
PR 14 cam Periculo commun averso, duos ex filiis et omnes filiae revenereunt ex Asia.
PR 15 .. Our hopes must not be destroyed by those three evil men.
PR 15 cam Spes nostrae delendae non sunt istis tribus malis.
PR 16 .. Since the people of all nations are seeking peace, all leaders must conquer the passion for (= of) power.
PR 16 cam Populo omnium gentium pacem quaerente, cupiditas imperii omnibus ducibus vincenda est.
PR 17 .. The leader, having been driven out by both the free men and the slaves, could not regain his command.
PR 17 cam Dux, expulsus a liberis et a servis, imperium non poterat recipere.

SA 01 .. CarthAgO dElenda est!
SA 1 cam Carthage must be destroyed.
SA 02 .. AsiA victA, dux ROmAnus fElIx multOs servOs in Italiam mIsit.
SA 2 cam Asia being destroyed, the fortunate Roman leader sent many slaves to Italy.
SA 03 .. Omnibus ferrO mIlitis perterritIs, quisque sE servAre cupiEbat.
SA 3 cam With all having been frightened by the sword of the soldier, each one was desiring to save himself.
SA 04 .. Quidquid dIcendum est, lIberE dIcam.
SA 4 cam Whatever must be said, I will say freely.
SA 05 .. Haec omnia vulnera bellI tibi nunc sAnanda sunt.
SA 5 cam All these wounds of war must be healed by you.
SA 06 .. Nec tumultum nec hastam mIlitis nec mortem violentam timEbO, AugustO terrAs tenente.
SA 6 cam I will fear neither disturbance nor the spear of the soldier or a violent death with Augustus holding the lands.
SA 07 .. TarquiniO expulsO, nOmen rEgis audIre nOn poterat populus ROmAnus.
SA 7 cam Tarquin having been banished, the Roman people could not hear the name of the king.
SA 08 .. Ad UtilitAtem vItae omnia cOnsilia factaque nObIs regenda sunt.
SA 8 cam All plans and deeds should be directed toward the benefit of our life.


"SPQR due March 17, 2012, Wheelock ch. 24, PR & SA" was published on March 17th, 2012 and is listed in latin, spqr.

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