exciting saturday

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Got to the barn a little later than I planned and was going to turn Timmy out and then ride.  Pretty normal for a Saturday.  But as he was trotting away, there was a huge gash in his left haunch!  Nasty hanging skin flap and everything.  It didn’t really seem to bother him too badly, though it must have been pretty painful.

The vet came out later and stitched him up after tranquing him, numbing the skin (to make it easy to stitch),  and cleaning the wound.

Poor pony is on 10 days’ stall rest and a course of antibiotics.  I’m curious to see the stitches tomorrow morning.


poco’s nose

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IMG_0515 by flippybits
IMG_0515, a photo by flippybits on Flickr.
He’s a quiet guy, and the Potsdam State students love him, for the most part.  His stall is disgusting, however.


hello, new reader

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I think we may have a new visitor today.

I’ve been meaning to be a better blogger, and maybe this is the push I need!

oh the humanity, thanksgiving 2010

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Had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at M’s.   She hosted a bunch of strays from Griffiths, and we had a super time — it was relaxing to hang out and chat.  The food was excellent, and apart from the turkey and cranberry sauce, not super traditional.

But Dash got pissed that we left him and the other dogs at home, I guess, because he destroyed 3 sets of really nice dpns and bit two holes in a sweater that I’m working on.  The stuff was tucked away in a knitting bag, but he found it and had at it.  The damage could have been worse, so it’s not really tragic aside from the $60 worth of knitting needles.  And I’ll have to figure out a way to patch the hole — one was easily fixed with a (gasp!) square knot.

looks innocent enough


not much news

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Show at the barn this weekend, but I’ll be functioning as support staff.  Less stressful!

The weather has turned humid, so Timmy’s cough bothered him a little bit.  Should be better tomorrow.

berry picking in south colton

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Originally uploaded by flippybits

This is from the other day, with Ray W. and M. It’s getting to be the end of blackberry season, so the bushes were a little over picked.


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Life is too short to be mean.  I resolve to be happy and consider myself thrilled to be alive.

I hope to ride tomorrow.  Too hot today!

rainy day

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Raining this morning, so the lesson was indoors.  Too bad, as I am just getting the hang of being brave and riding outside.

Jumped two consecutive jumps, and it was fun!

a little cough

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Timmy has developed a bit of a cough, not so bad when we’re trotting, but head-shaking and troubling when cantering at first.  He gets better, but I hate it when his head lunges forward as he tries to cough and clear his throat.

Debbie is going to wet his hay and see if that helps things.

Spring shots in a couple of weeks.

who are all these people

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who subscribe to this blog which is updated every four months?   There are 13 of you, and only two seem to be Vi*gr* spammers.